What People are Saying about hmbldt

What People are Saying about hmbldt

 hmbldt in the news

Time Magazine Includes hmbldt on 25 Best Inventions of 2016 List

In a revolutionary step Time Magazine listed the hmbldt’s dose pen and formulas as one of the best inventions of 2016, with a title of “Cannabis that could replace pills.”

FOX News: Changemakers: One Startup Revolutionizing the Medical Marijuana Industry

“hmbldt has created a cutting-edge vape pen that delivers a specific dose and formula of the chemicals compounds found in marijuana tailored to suit the individual needs of the user.”

PSFK: How Consumers Are Decentralizing The Health Industry

Trendspotting and thought-leadership journal, PSFK, included hmbldt in their coverage of the future of healthcare…”In line with this self-treatment trend, hmbldt‘s precise dosing pens vibrate to help users inhale properly, exposing the therapeutic benefits of the active ingredients in marijuana.”

GOOD HEALTH: Getting The Best Sleep Of Your Life Is Simpler Than You Think

GOOD Magazine included hmbldt in their tips on how to get a great night’s sleep: “To address the variety of problems related to sleeplessness with one formula, [Samantha] Miller looked at combining THC, the psychoactive compound, with its nonpsychoactive cousin, CBD… [c]omplement that ratio with a balanced terpene profile, and you have a winning combination for a good night’s sleep.”

PRØHBTD: GO Revolution and uproot the status quo

PRØHBTD included hmbldt on its list of best products to help you fight the norm and live the revolutionary life.

Culture Magazine: Review of hmbldt

“Unlike other pens, the hmbldt Pen gives quick vibrating relief to alert the patient that the dose has been completed. The clean, crisp taste allows patients to enjoy the process of medicating.”

North Coast Journal: hmbldt’s Invention

“…hmbldt uses Humboldt-grown marijuana to create mostly CO2 extracts which Miller tinkers with until she gets the perfect balance of THC, select cannabinoids and terpenes to fit the recipe…”

Direct Cannabis Network: 2016 Gift Guide 

Direct Cannabis Network included hmbldt on its best gifts for 2016!

HERB: 2016 Gift Guide 

hmbldt is featured in HERB’s best gifts for 2016!

Civilized: hmbldt ‘Dose Pen’ Offers Bliss And Relief To Cannabis Consumers

“[hmbldt’s] heating mechanism has been fine-tuned to suit the specific terpenes in each formula, giving the user a dependable experience specifically tailored to their unique needs.”

Mary Magazine: Delivering Precision with hmbldt Formulas

“The hmbldt dose pen sets itself apart with vaporization elements that focus on three features: temperature control, controlled airflow and timed control. Upon your initial use, you feel as if you’re truly inhaling medicine and the synergy between your ECS and their pen are in sync and on the road to a better you.”

PRØHBTD: GET Hmbldt Bliss: Targeted Formulas, Precise Dosage

“Get this pen, any of its formulas, because it is 100 percent going to take over the medicinal world.”

Cannabis Now: hmbldt Vaporizers: the Cutting Edge of MMJ Technology

“…the ultra-intuitive, user-friendly hmbldt plant therapy system, takes the stigma and guesswork out of exploring the healing benefits of cannabis.”

PSFK: Creating Cannabis Consistency Is The Path To Health And Happiness

“As it turns out, health and happiness might be found at the tail end of a pen, one that appears designed to safeguard space-age intel rather than to deliver precise dosages of cannabinoids and terpenes formulations”

HelloMD: Accurate Dosing with CBD & THC

“…in HMBLDT I have [a vaporizer] that just feels dependable and consistent. And ironically, not withstanding my knowledge of and comfort with these devices, it’s the dose control that is making the biggest difference for me.”

SF Evergreen: hmbldt ‘Bliss’ and ‘Relief’ Dosage Vape Pens

“…the flavor and purity of Bliss were both impressive, a testament to hmbldt’s commitment to using high-quality Humboldt-sourced flowers and rigorously testing their products prior to putting them on shelves. The Bliss pen may not take you to outer space, but you may grow quite found of it in record time.”

The Kindland: I Tried hmbldt’s Target Formula Dose-Pens and Guess What?

“…big pharma could learn a thing or two from this cannabis startup.”

Direct Cannabis Network: Revolutionizing the Vaporizer

“Meet HMBLDT, a company dedicated to supporting the legacy and future of Humboldt Country through their product lines while utilizing the latest technology, science, and data to create a line of vaporizers for the cannabis patient.”

New Cannabis Ventures: hmbldt Launches Targeted Formula Cannabis Products with Precise Dosage for Pain Relief, Sleep, Calm and Bliss

“Health and Wellness Company hmbldt Brings Consistency and Accuracy to Cannabis Industry with Launch of Science-driven Cannabis Products.”